Math 215/255: "Elementary Differential Equations I / Ordinary Differential Equations"

University of British Columbia, Fall 2013, section 104

1. Instructor: Frederic Robert,, PIMS, New Earth Science Building, office 4118. Spencer Frei is the Teaching Assistant.

2. Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm-2pm, starting September 4th. Classes are located at Buchanan A103.

3. Office Hours UNTIL NOVEMBER: Mondays 10-11 in SWNG 407, Tuesdays 12-13 in LSK303C.

3bis. Office Hours FOR DECEMBER: Monday 2nd 1-2 in LSK303D. WEDNESDAY 4TH 1-2 in LSK303D. Or by appointment.

4. General Web Page: This class is following the same programme as the other sections of Math 215/255. See the reference page, managed by Stephen Gustafson, who is the Instructor In Charge. On this page, you will find the weakly schedule and references.

5. Midterm Assignments: October 11th and November 15th. The programme is the following:
  • October 11th: lectures from beginning of class to WEDNESDAY 2nd (Chapters 0.2, 1.1 to 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.5). NO VARIATION OF PARAMETERS. NO MODELIZATION: the equations will be given directly. Recommendations below (item 9.). Here are the test and the solution.
  • November 15th: Laplace Transform (the entire chapter) and systems of ODEs (what has been done until Friday 8th included). For the eigenvalue Method, you will have only to deal with systems of 2 equations. A Laplace Transform table will be purchased: you can familiarize with it (see item 14.). For those who need references from the online textbook: Chapter 6 (everything except 6.2.5 and 6.3.3) and sections 3.1 TO 3.4 in Chapter 3 (only 2D systems, no complex eigenvalues). Here are the test and the solution.

6. Programme:
  • Ch. 0: What is a differential equations? Definitions and objectives
  • Ch. 1: ODEs of first order
  • Ch. 2: Linear second order differential equations
  • Ch. 3: Laplace's transform and applications to ODEs
  • Ch. 4: Systems of differential equations
  • Ch. 5: Nonlinear systems
7. Assignments: there are 2 weekly assignement.
a. The online assignment is on the web page, click on Math215-255.
b. The weekly written assignments that are available below:
8. Here is the change of variable and the computation of the integral of Friday 4th.

9. Concerning the October 11th midterm: if you have done the latest assignment and you are doing the WebWorks, you should be fine. If you want do do more, work out the exercises of Section 2.5 of the textbook (the ones that do not use the variation of parameters).

10. IMPORTANT: many amongst you are not officially registered in Math215, section 104. Please REGULARIZE your situation asap in the Math Office. On Wednesday 9th, I will ask those of you who are concerned to write down on a list their student # so that the Math Dpt can help you regularizing.

11. The answers to the written homeworks are downloadable (see point 7. above).

12. Typo in Assignment 6 corrected on Saturday 26th, 7pm.
13. A pocket recording device was forgotten in class on Wed. Oct. 30th. Please claim it at the Math Office in math Building.
14. Here is the Laplace Transform table that will be given to you for the midterm exam. Assignment 7 is for you to train before midterm.

15. The solution to MidTerm#2 is posted above.

16. Here is an online reference for nonlinear systems. It should be accessible from UBC via VPN.

17. Remember to fill the Teaching Evaluation Survey.

18. Some older exams with (or without) solutions are Here.

19. Office hours from December 2nd to December 6th. See point 3bis above.

20. Programme of the final exam. Everything that has been seen in class. Exceptions: for Nonlinear Systems, you will ALWAYS consider that the nonlinear system behaves like the linearized system (no need to check the Real Part of the eigenvalues). In particular, you will have to know the vocabulary arising from physics and mechanics (seen in class).

21. Programme of the final exam (bis) If you want to use the online textbook, the programme is all the Course Outline. For Nonlinear systems, an online reference is the written note of Prof.Gustafson.

21. the solution to Homework 9 has been posted.